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Posted on February 1st, 2013 by by Johan

Keep Calm and Carry On

“Keep Calm and Carry On!”

Today is Friday! The start of another weekend and the start of February!  Wow  - January 2013 is history!  As the old saying goes “time flies by…”  So, how did you fare up in January?  Were you able to keep your New Year’s Resolutions?  Did you finish any new design projects or start any new ones?

Here at Simple Design Ideas, our projects for the month,  succulent centerpieces and our DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas, turned out with great success!   We are also excited to announce that we have opened up a Facebook page for the blog!  However, it is very new and still under construction – so stay tuned for the url so you can like us on Facebook as well!

This week, instead of linking DIY Projects, Friday Favorites are links to beautiful homes that wowed us this week – here they are:

Tiny Home:  Eco-Retreat – zig mag

Contemporary English Country Home – idesign arch

Natural Style Meets Modern -Interior Design in Oregon - design shuffle

Spectacular Home in Hollywood – Nightingale House - home-designing

Bedroom Design Ideasthe guardian

We love them all – but given a choice, we would love to spend a weekend in the Hollywood Nightingale House…What’s your favorite?

Have a great weekend everybody,



Cool Architecture

Posted on January 30th, 2013 by by Johan

Cool Architeture

This project called “Black on White” created by Fabi Architekten out of Germany catches our eye here at Simple Design Ideas for its sleek, minimal, and unassuming curb-appeal.  Street side, this building looks like some old country equipment barn you’d expect to see in the middle of nowhere.  However, once inside, you are greeted with a span of glass panels that treat you to the great views of the hillside and beyond.  This open layout utilizes every bit of natural light that    helps bring in the surrounding natural environment.  The minimal theme continues inside with its simple yet elegant decor.

Cool Architecture 5 cool architecture Cool Architecture3 Cool Architecture2

We are definitely filing this one under “cool architecture.”

For these and more pictures click here.


DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

Posted on January 28th, 2013 by by Johan

DIY Valentine's Day Idea

Here is Simple Design Ideas second pick in our series of DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas.  If you have an old deck of cards lying around and 52 reasons for loving your sweetheart, this will sure make the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial provided from PaperVine!




Simple Design Ideas – Friday Favorites

Posted on January 25th, 2013 by by Johan


Do you have any project’s you are tackling this weekend?  Need inspiration?  Here are this week’s picks for Friday Favorites:

DIY Cardboard Desk OrganizerDesign for mankind

10 Ways to Perk Up Your Decor for $100 or lessThe Budget Diet

31 Insanely Easy and Clever DIY ProjectsBuzzFeed SHIFT

DIY Hemp Ball Accents Make it & Love it

Crafty Uses of Everyday Objects – Vitamin Ha

Have a great weekend everybody!









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Succulent Centerpieces

Posted on January 22nd, 2013 by by Johan

I was contacted by a client who was looking for a couple of succulent centerpieces for her home – one for her dining room table and the other for a built-in TV unit in her living room.   Something similar to the three arrangements pictured below (photo taken at Pigment).  The dining room piece needed to be in a rectangular planter and a square planter for the built-in space.   Her design style is contemporary and she wanted the succulent centerpieces to be artificial since these would require no watering or maintenance.

Succulent Centerpieces

I love using succulent centerpiece arrangements to add a modern floral touch to a contemporary space.  The variety in colors, shapes, and sizes of succulents, planted together in the right combination and in the right planter, will complement the minimalist design aspects associated with contemporary interiors.  I came across the planters pictured above at Pigment, they retailed for $275 each!

In an effort to keep costs low, I visited a thrift store and lucked out by finding a rectangular vase that would work for the centerpiece; but, it was in pretty bad shape and gold – not my favorite.  I decided this would be an excellent piece to re-purpose.  After purchasing it for about $10, I cleaned it, and spray painted it using a can of Rust-Oleum Silver Hammered finish.  I wanted to use this silver spray paint because it was easy to apply, required no primer, and the final finish had a faux texture to it (see the lid of the spray can picture below for texture).

DIY Succulent centerpiece


DIY Succulent centerpieces

I followed the instructions on the can to apply the paint and allowed it to dry for about 15 minutes before doing another coat.  After two coats, I had the look I was going for so I set it aside and allowed it to dry overnight.   Although I didn’t quite get the paint to look like the texture in the picture, I was happy with the way it turned out.  Here is the finish:

DIY succulent centerpiece

While the planter dried, I visited a local arts and craft store and purchased an assortment of artificial succulents, a piece of styrofoam board, a bag of moss and a square concrete planter that would work for the succulent arrangement for the built-in.

DIY Succulent centerpieces

I used the styrofoam to stick the end of the succulents into it to create the arrangements.  To do so, I traced an area on the styrofoam to fit inside the planters (the area needs to be a bit smaller than the size of the planter), then I cut the board using an old steak knife as shown below and then finally placed it back into the planter (see photos below):


I then started playing around with different ideas for placing the succulents and moss.  What was great about some of these succulent pieces is that I was able to cut some of them to get more use out of them throughout the planter.  Also, if I didn’t like how one section was looking, I was able to move them around until I got the desired look.  After getting the placement I was looking for, I then spread moss around the succulents to complete the look.

Here are the finished products in place at my clients house – she was absolutely thrilled!

succulent centerpiece

Succulent Centerpiece on Dining Room Table

succulent centerpiece

 Succulent Arrangement added to built-in

succulent centerpieces

These succulent arrangements can be made in many different sizes and a variety of plant combinations.  They make for a perfect floral arrangement for your home or are great to give for any special occasion.

If you would like information on these arrangement or would like to have one custom-made, please contact me for information and pricing.




Simple Design Ideas Friday Favorites

Posted on January 18th, 2013 by by Johan

Roots of Encouragement

After a bit of a forced hiatus, no thanks to hackers and their skeevy practices (ugh!), I’m happy to report the site is back up and running.  Unfortunately this means that we were not able to bring you all the simple design ideas we had lined up for the holidays (sad face) – but have no fear, this only means we’ll have more material for next season!

Let’s get started this year started with our first round of Friday Favorites for 2013:

We wish you the best for 2013 and look forward to bringing you even more simple design ideas for your home, office, garden, gifting and everything in between!

Do you have any unique DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas?  e-mail us your favorites and we’ll feature them for everyone to enjoy! 

Have a great weekend!






DIY Snow globes

Posted on December 8th, 2012 by by Johan

DIY Snow Globes

Do you have empty jars lying around and you are wondering what to do with them?

In a previous post we did on DIY Patio Decorating Ideas, we showed you how turn them into flower or candle holders for your patio.  But, since it’s cold outside and not time for the patio and as we continue showcasing holiday decorating ideas, here is an idea for those empty jars ~ a DIY Holiday decoration:  DIY Snow Globes!

With some very basic supplies, you too can recreate these DIY snow globes!  But don’t limit yourself to the items shown above – you can use family photos, small figurines from your favorite travels, or even small toys like the deer shown above.

We’ve come across many tutorials for DIY snow globes; but, our favorite by far is at The Sweetest Occasion Blog which provides step-by-step instructions for creating these DIY snow globes!

Click here for this awesome tutorial!

What do you think?  Can you make these?  Show us your creations!




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Simple Design Ideas – Friday Favorites

Posted on December 7th, 2012 by by Johan

DIY Christmas Ornaments

 Happy Friday!

It has been a while since we have done a Friday Favorites!

So, in the spirit of the Holidays, we are back with simple design ideas for the holidays!

Here are this week’s Simple Design Ideas favorite finds:

  • 20 DIY Holiday Ornaments – iVillage

How’s your holiday decorating coming along?  Are you hosting any parties, taking on any DIY gifts, or cooking up some goodies?

Happy weekend!





6 Free holiday wallpapers

Posted on December 5th, 2012 by by Johan

Free holiday wallpaper for desktop

In the spirit of the holidays, we will continue sharing with you some of our favorite finds for Holiday decorating ideas through the rest of the month.   Holiday decorating ideas don’t have to stop at the home.  We recently came across some free holiday wallpaper available on West Elm’s website.

There  are six different holiday wallpaper options to preview and download.  What is great about these images is that they are available in four different formats – desktop, iPad, mobile, and even a Facebook cover pictures format.

Click here to download your favorite free holiday wallpaper!

Our favorite?  We love the picture below of the animal heads strung with holiday lights on the red background – simple, festive, and not super cluttered so you can still see all of your files and apps.

Free desktop holiday wallpaper
free holiday wall paper
free holiday wallpaper

You can also print these images in photo quality paper to create DIY Christmas Cards!



image source via

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Posted on December 3rd, 2012 by by Johan

DIY Christmas Star Ornaments

Are you looking for fun DIY Christmas Ornaments to incorporate into your holiday decorating?   I came across this wonderful tutorial for creating snowflake stars and 5-point stars using any type of wrapping paper.   These DIY Christmas Ornaments are a great idea because you can vary the size, colors, and patterns of the stars.   You can create a beautiful star collage on a wall like seen above, hang them on your Christmas Tree, or even make a garland to drape across your mantle.  This is one easy way to use all your scrap wrapping paper and bring Christmas into any room of your house.

Click here for this simple step-by-step tutorial!  


DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments





Image Source via
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