5 Simple DIY ideas to display family photos |

5 Simple DIY ideas to display family photos

Yesterday in my recap of Episode 3 of Design Stars, I talked about how Miera was able to creatively display the Kardishian’s family photos.  I have come across 5 simple design ideas that I love for displaying your own family’s photos using these DIY projects.

1.)  It’s All About Composition:  Create a mural size print of a family photo.  Use distinct cropping or simple photography rules for composition to create an image that is unique to you and your family:


It’s All About Composition


image source via shelterness

2.)  Create your own personalized coasters:  I love this DIY idea, not only is it inexpensive but it’s a great gift idea.  The step-by-step for creating these photo coasters calls for the use of bathroom tile, glue, resin, and felt mounting circles – that’s it!


Photo Coasters Using Resin


Image source via oopsy daisy


3.)  Wooden Block Photos:  This DIY idea looks to be a little more complicated and time consuming than the tile idea above; but, with a little patience and diligence, think of the possibilities and memories you can create!


Family Photo Blocks


image source via totalartsoul


4.)  Photo Clip Frame:  It can’t get more simple than twine and a handful of small clothes pins – right?  The trick will be finding the right frame that can create the sense of depth between the photos and the wall.  What I love about this idea, is that the mat to your photos will be the color of your wall!  DIY tip:  Look for inexpensive shadow boxes at thrift stores – remember, if you find one that may not be black, there is always black spray paint!


Photo Clip Frame


image source via diymaven


5.)  Bottled Up Memories:  This idea is great for displaying different size photos using different size bottles.  Don’t want to spend the money on fancy bottles?!?  Use the bottles around you – old beer bottles work great!  Use this step-by-step to tint them the shade you want!  They are sure to stand out in any shelve around your home!


Bottled Up Memories


 image source via apartmenttherapy


Do you like any of these ideas to display your family photos?!?  Did you try any of them yourself?!?  E-mail me some images and I will profile your project on my website!


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