Simple ways to decorate for fall

6 Simple Ways to decorate for fall

autumn foliage

It’s hard to believe that fall is here again!  Specially if you live in Southern California where we have been having 70 and 80 degree weather.   But, while we are baking here in SoCal, the rest of the nation is experiencing fall not only by the cooling temperatures but also by the beauty that is the sight of autumn foliage.  I’ve asked a few of our readers that live in the Northeast to send me some pictures of leaves turning colors – something SoCal doesn’t really get a chance to experience.  I’ll be posting those pictures as they come in.

Just because we don’t have the visual of the autumn foliage here in SoCal doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired to think of simple ways to decorate for fall.   Here are 6 simple fall decorating ideas for your home that involve taking advantage of the autumn foliage and are easy to do DIY projects:

1.)  Fall Leaf Garland:

fall leaf garland

Grab a needle and some thread to make a fall leaf garland using the leaves you collect.   Use a thicker threading material like twine or yarn to add some additional color to your garland; just be careful as you thread your leaves as not to break them.  Display these garlands anywhere around your house – on windows, dining room table, or above your fireplace mantel like the picture above.

2.)    Fall Leaf Candle Holders:

fall leave candles

In one of our previous posts, we showed you how to make wine bottle candle holders.  Now here’s a simple fall decorating idea to spruce up your candle holders by wrapping up the leaves you’ve collected around the holders using twine!  Beautiful!

3.)  Fall Leaf Wreath:

fall wreath

This is one of simple design idea’s favorite fall decorating ideas.   This wreath will not only be seasonal but also inviting  by hanging it from your front door.   Click here for a step-by-step on how to create a fall leaf wreath using the leaves you collected, foam board, and some glue.

4.)  Fall Leaves in Shadow Boxes:  

fall foliage

This fall decorating idea will work with basically any extra picture frames you might have lying around your home.  Here at simple design ideas, we think you can get the best look if you are able to place a variation of different types of leaves in a shadow box or a see-through glass frame like the ones above.

5.)  Fall Leaves Centerpiece:

fall leaves center piec

A few Thanksgivings ago, I remember my mom and I went for an early morning walk on Thanksgiving day in Pleasanton, CA where we were celebrating the holiday with my sister, her husband, my brother and his girlfriend.  On our walk, my mom started picking up pieces of different color leaves – I asked her what she was doing and she said “you’ll see!”   When we got back to the house, she laid the leaves along the center of the table and I thought it was one of the most creative things I had seen!   Since then, I always try to add these to my table during the fall as a way to bring nature inside during the season.

6.)  Fall Leaf Window Display:

fall decorating ideas

This is another clever way to display the autumn foliage you’ve collected by tying them to a fishing line or some other fine thread and hanging them at different lengths in front of the windows you look out the most.


These 6 simple ways to decorate for fall  are our favorite for using autumn foliage.  Not only are they low-cost, basically free, but they are a simple way to bring the fall into the home.

So, what happens if you live in a place like SoCal where autumn foliage is hard to come by?!?   Visit your local dollar store or craft store and they will have plenty colors and perfectly shaped fake leaves to play with.

Show off your designs ~  Send us your creations and we’ll post them on our website.

Happy fall decorating!





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